I Have to Admit

I’m not a sports enthusiast but I like the feeling whenever you make my heart run the mile.


A Frugal Heart

You burned like the sun
Against my mahogany skin
And you burned through all my layers
You’ve left all of me aching

So I hid out of your light
For you only came here for the taking
And I lived myself through the night
Sparing myself from all the breaking

© Splendiferous Simplicity

While Listening to Your Playlist

You hear him play
Because he’s that song
That broke your heart

© Splendiferous Simplicity

You Are Every Person

I’ve met a lot of people who have had bits of you. Or was it that you had lived in my mind for so long that I see you in every people. I seem to get attracted to them and later on share memories with them like you and I once did.

That’s why at quiet moments I spend with them, I remember you, I remember us.

© Splendiferous Simplicity

The Broken Chords

You have no right to strum my strings again.
I’ve had enough of your sad songs.

© Splendiferous Simplicity

The Perks of Forgetting

I think I know you.
You looked like the one I tried to forget.
I can’t remember.

© Splendiferous Simplicity


Not Mine Anymore

I don’t know if I still have the same hands whenever I’m with you.
They don’t seem fit on my own anymore.
Whenever I’m with you, it’s as if they’re yours too.

© Splendiferous Simplicity