A Frugal Heart

You burned like the sun
Against my mahogany skin
And you burned through all my layers
You’ve left all of me aching

So I hid out of your light
For you only came here for the taking
And I lived myself through the night
Sparing myself from all the breaking

© Splendiferous Simplicity

While Listening to Your Playlist

You hear him play
Because he’s that song
That broke your heart

© Splendiferous Simplicity

You Are Every Person

I’ve met a lot of people who have had bits of you. Or was it that you had lived in my mind for so long that I see you in every people. I seem to get attracted to them and later on share memories with them like you and I once did.

That’s why at quiet moments I spend with them, I remember you, I remember us.

© Splendiferous Simplicity

The Broken Chords

You have no right to strum my strings again.
I’ve had enough of your sad songs.

© Splendiferous Simplicity

The Perks of Forgetting

I think I know you.
You looked like the one I tried to forget.
I can’t remember.

© Splendiferous Simplicity


Not Mine Anymore

I don’t know if I still have the same hands whenever I’m with you.
They don’t seem fit on my own anymore.
Whenever I’m with you, it’s as if they’re yours too.

© Splendiferous Simplicity

We All End

We are like the waters of the East
Until we meet the edge of the land
Kiss the shore
And here we crash

So much for happy thoughts
We all end

© Splendiferous Simplicity